When water is not fun

I like swimming pools. I have never been afraid of water (that I know of)..I enjoy the beach. I don’t just lie by a pool on a chaise lounge and scream like a girl when kids jump in the pool and water finds its way onto my bathing suit. I mean, it’s a pool. That’s what everyone should do by a pool. And the ocean? Love that too. I used to boogie board you know. I have a wetsuit, people.

But today. Today the water was not my friend. I got up this morning and I wore a dress, for starters. I don’t ever wear a dress to work. But with this new gig, lots of girls wear dresses so I’m wearing one. What the hell, I think. Might as well show my legs in the light of day.

Fast forward to me leaving the office building to go pick up a former winery colleague who is in town and who I will be working with today. I should stop to mention that the sunshine that was outside my window this morning when I made my dress selection is no longer present. In fact, it’s pouring. Huge, fat rain drops that are coming down at an exponential rate.

I make a run for it (in heels, btw) and promptly become soaked. Like water-dripping-down-my-face-why-don’t-I-keep-a-towel-in-my-car? soaked. Sigh. Guess I straightened my hair for nothing.

The best part is that by the time I get to the hotel to pick up the aforementioned former colleague, it’s all sunshine and (probably) rainbows. The sky is blue and I probably heard a bird or two chirping somewhere.

I see my partner for the day and I get out of the car to say hello and open my trunk for his briefcase and such. As he is loading, I turn back to get back into the driver’s seat when apparently I stepped onto a movie set and didn’t know it because what happened next I have only seen on TV.

I turned to open my driver door of my car just in time for a truck to hit a ridiculously large pothole that was filled with the remnants of the downpour that had just taken place, thus splashing me and showering me for the second third time that day. It.was.not.awesome.

I am currently against water. And southern storms in general.