The jury is in

I consider myself somewhat of a coca-cola connoisseur. I mean, I drink more than I should so I’d like to think I know it well. I try to limit it to one a day and I do pretty well but even that is too much so I have been cutting back. (Although I will admit that there was a time, before I drank coffee, in which I had not gotten nearly enough sleep so I sunk to the level of hitting a McDonald’s drive through for a large coke on my way to work. Classy.)

I’m also a very loyal coke drinker. I don’t do Pepsi. It’s too sweet. When I must dine at a Pepsi establishment, I opt for sierra mist. I just don’t have a palate for Pepsi. [shiver]

So after seeing these ridiculous (and if you’re reading this and you happen to work for coca-cola marketing, be advised, consumers such as myself do think they’re ridiculous) I decided I needed to try it. Especially since my reasons for trying to cut out regular coke are because it’s empty calories, liquid sugar, etc etc. (As a side note, I tried diet coke and, while, everyone assured me that the taste would grow on me, it never did. Blech.) So I have been meaning to try this coke zero.

I finally broke down and bought some. And to my surprise, coke zero fits the bill. I’m pleasantly surprised that it tastes pretty darn close to regular coke. Don’t be fooled, it’s not exactly the same but I can get by knowing it’s got a bunch of zeros in the nutritional column (both good and bad nutrients but hey, it’s a give and take).

Anyway, in conclusion, as an avid coke drinker, I’m pleased to announce that I’m making the switch.

Just thought everyone should know.

2 comments on “The jury is in

  1. McDonald’s Coke is the best-yum! I too indulge daily (Jean Ray got me lovin’ the Coke:)) Anyway, I will now try the zero thanks to your glowing review. BTW, will we see you at the annual Thanksgiving feast?

  2. McDonald’s coke is definitely the best! Joe and I both agree fountain soda is far superior to any other kind. Sadly, I will not be home for the holidays this year. Oct-Nov-Dec is our busiest time so I can’t take any vacation til 2010. Maybe for our birthday!

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