Ask and you shall receive

I asked Ida to downgrade (see below) and hot damn! She’s a tropical storm, working on depression. For my CA readers:

It’s just a little rainy and windy but I’ll survive. Looks like I owe her a fruit basket. Megan, maybe we can get a group discount.

I’m going to crawl under some blankets now.

3 comments on “Ask and you shall receive

  1. It was only gonna be a Cat 1 or Cat 2… I was hoping to get a day off from work. Then again, I just went from Wed-Mon without power. Woulda been a kick in the teeth to get my juice on only to have Ida knock it out.

  2. I’ll work something out with you since I still owe Mr. H. Rick one from my side of Mexico. Why are hurricanes such jerks? Why can’t they be more like the cocktail? Sheesh. I’m happy you’re just getting rain & wind.

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