Pulled Corks: Installment #2

Marc Kreydenweiss Les Charmes Kritt Pinot Blanc (2006); Alsace: Let’s start with the fun facts. The “Kritt” part of the name is from the word Kritter, which is how the vineyard site was labeled on old maps of the area. “Les Charmes” is fancy French-speak for “the charms” and the label art represents the delicacy and harmony of the wines. I like when I can put it all together and wrap it in a bow like that. As for the tasting profile, immediately I smelled pear with maybe a touch of minerality. When I tasted, I got more citrus and mineral but that pear was still there on the finish.

Pierre Morey Bourgogne-Aligoté (2006); Meursault, Cote d’Or: This is an interesting one. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything quite like it. On the nose there is almost a fresh mushroom-y aroma but with some sort of peppery note. Not in a bad way, just distinct, but on the palate it’s got some green apple characteristics that combine with a sort of earthiness.

Josemeyer Le Fromenteau Pinot Gris (2006); Alsace: Today was a clearly a French white wine kinda day. Alsatian pinot gris are very different from “new world” pinot gris and since I wasn’t terribly familiar with those differences, I decided to give it a whirl. This pinot gris smelled bright with hints of honeysuckle. There was some fruit but I couldn’t place it but it seemed to integrate nicely with the honeysuckle. When I sipped, there was a creaminess to the wine that was balanced by a little acid that gave it good structure.

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  1. Damn Girl!!!
    Gotta agree with Kennedy! U definetly get it! This is a pleasure to read! Let me know if ya want a guest contributor! Keep it up girl!! Steve

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