Black Friday Shopping: not my moment of brilliance

For the first time ever in my 26 years of existence, I experienced Black Friday. To get up at 4am and go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving is quite possibly one of the worst ideas I have ever had. Ever. Why didn’t someone remind me that I hate crowds of people where I can’t move without bumping into someone? It’s the reason Mardi Gras on Bourbon scares me. But I woke up, put makeup on and drove to Wal-Mart to see about a new photo printer I had been keeping my eyes on. It was $10 cheaper than Best Buy and I thought I would see if it dropped even lower on Black Friday.

I arrived at Wal-Mart and didn’t have a problem finding a parking spot. I mean, I definitely parked in the South 40 but I did get a spot fairly fast. I walked in and there were already people in the express checkout lines, having gotten their deals. And what did they rush out to buy? Three flat screen TVs from some brand I have never heard of. Three. Is that really necessary people? Apparently so.

I weaved my way to electronics, which took a solid 15 minutes to make the 25 yard trek, and spied my photo printer. It went UP in price. Seriously?!?!

I turned around and walked out and was back asleep by 5:45 before going to work.

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  1. Bad idea anywhere, but especially here because there’s like, ONE real mall-like commercial area for the entire metro area.

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