Everything is coming up Roses!

I had been waiting all dang week for the Oregon-Oregon State “Civil War” football game. Not because it was going to determine who was going to the Rose Bowl but because it meant that I finally got to watch an Oregon football game on tv, aka watch Johnny B play. I was so excited for the local product, who is practically like another brother to me, and I just wanted to watch a couple games this season. It didn’t seem like I was asking a lot. Almost every week I get my hopes up that they will show the game as promised only to find out it was an “either/or” game–as in, I will either get to see Oregon vs their opponent OR [insert two teams I probably don’t care about here]. The latter teams are always teams that I suppose have “regional” interest (I’m rolling my eyes at you, Georgia and Kentucky) and inevitably, my hopes to see the Ducks play are always dashed….until last night.

Last night, I made it clear that my Thursday would be spent watching the Oregon-Oregon State game on ESPN. I got home and made dinner quickly and took a shower early so I wouldn’t have to wake up early and do it since I knew I would be up late watching the West Coast game….I had a serious plan, people.

Naturally, as soon as kick off occurred my phone started blowing up and I received multiple calls and texts that were not game-related. Sigh. It figures.

All that doesn’t change the fact that it was awesome! The Ducks won (for those of you living under a rock) and are now going to the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl, people. The.Rose.Bowl. I don’t know if you know, but it’s kind of a big deal. AND, John had a TEAM-HIGH 11 tackles, two of which were solo…he happens to be the Ducks’ leading tackler to date.

I always thought it was kinda cheesy when Gordon Bombay made his Mighty Ducks quack, but maybe now I will have a better appreciation for Disney’s “inspirational” scene.

Quack on, Ducks fans, quack all the way down to SoCal on New Year’s Day.

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  1. I feel you when “regional” games play… I have only gotton to see Clemson play twice here in California (and tomorrow will be number 3!)

    We should just switch places during football season.

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