Tequila just fell from the sky

In other news tonight, I felt like a glass of apple juice and as I went to the cabinet to get a glass, an almost-full bottle of Jose Cuervo came falling onto my counter -no joke- promptly scaring the crap out of me. Despite selling wine, I do drink vodka but definitely not tequila so I’m fairly certain of the fact that it’s not my bottle.

I have only lived in this place for about 2 months but, after this revelation of tequila, I’m also fairly certain that whoever lived here before me was maybe an alcoholic. Or someone not 21 whose parents came around often and felt the need to conceal a bottle of booze. The thing is, this bottle was hidden. Not just hidden in the back of the cabinet, it was hidden in the intersection of the cabinets, where there is no door to access it. That part of the cabinets is a facade since it would be weird to leave out the cabinet material at the 90-degree angle where the cabinets meet.

Yet the bottom panel gave way tonight and out came a bottle of tequila. The only way to get the bottle in that space would be to stand on a chair and drop it in from above.

I’m slightly alarmed at the trouble one must have gone to in order to hide that bottle. And they didn’t even have the decency to hide good Cuervo.

[shaking my head in disgust] Seriously, person-who-lived-here-before-me. Seriously.

3 comments on “Tequila just fell from the sky

  1. Dude. No. Way. That is HILARIOUS! Why couldn’t it have been a bottle of Grey Goose? I mean really, Cuervo?? ::shudder:: This is probably the coolest thing that’s ever happened in kitchen though 🙂

  2. BAHAHAHAHAH…. you are totally from the Napa Valley… everyone here is a booze snob…

    Oh Colleen… I hope all is well!

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