Finally finished it!

When my brother Joe graduated high school in 2003, my graduation present to him was a ginormous scrapbook of all his sports accomplishments in high school. In truth, I had actually given him the first chunk of the album for Christmas in 2001, because there was enough material, and gave him the balance at graduation. I took alllll his football articles and alllll his baseball articles, combined them with photos (being nice to the yearbook lady in high school totally paid off, she gave me a whole CD of photos since I was in college myself during his junior and senior years) and the finished product was actually TWO ginormous scrapbooks.

Well, for those of you playing at home, I have two brothers. And Ted also received his first installment of his album for Christmas in 2005, with junior and senior years still owed to him upon his high school graduation in 2007. That came and went, and I still had a very large bag of newspaper articles that would have intimidated even the most seasoned scrapbooker. But…I finished it. Finally. Never mind the fact that the kid is headed into his junior year of college. That’s neither here nor there.

But, since he is getting his present later today upon my arrival back on the west coast (assuming that ever happens :/ ), and because I’m confident he never checks my blog, I’m posting the images. Because that sucker is thick and I’m, adding it to the Scraptastic Gallery so it won’t take days to load on one page. Here’s the latest additions:

Ted’s Senior Year (2006-2007)

Ted’s Junior Year (2005-2006)

Edit: I have since removed the Scraptastic Gallery, as there were just too many images to have online. Blame the kid’s success on the athletic fields.

Oh yea. And Go Indians too.