Real Resolutions

I know the New Year came and went and still I did not blog. Mostly because I didn’t want to bore anyone. I just really had nothing good to write. If you’re curious as to how I spent New Year’s, I spent it on my couch. In over-sized sweatpants and my beloved Oregon Ducks fleece while getting acquainted with a bottle of good French champagne.

This was mostly because I had to made a delivery earlier in the day to an account in the French Quarter. And trying to park and fight the crowds of Florida Gator and Cincinnati Bearkat fans (Sugar Bowl is in New Orleans, you know) left me angry and tired. And hot. Because some non-freight vehicle parked in a freight zone (aka MY delivery zone) and I was left trying to wedge my car in a teensy-tiny spot and when having to parallel park in a tight spot I inevitably sweat. Sorry. It’s the truth.

Alas, I was not about to drive back down there (cab or no cab, the crowds were still there) and do it all over again. In the name of fun. Like my Grandma Joan says, you couldn’t have made me go down to the Quarter on New Year’s Eve to see Christ ride a bicycle.

However, in the spirit of the New Year, I did come up with some reasonable (I think) resolutions that I’m fixin’ to keep throughout 2010: Disclaimer: I reserve the right to amend, delete or otherwise revise the following list.

  • Keep up with my “Pulled Corks” wine tasting posts. I actually have notes (hand-written, how 1980s of me!) that I need to transfer to the blog. I will get right on that.
  • Work out at least 4 times a week. I think this is feasible. I also think that even just walking for 20 minutes counts as a workout.
  • I need to improve my eating habits. Mostly because it plays a role in Resolution #2 (hey, I saw Supersized. Morgan Spurlock wasn’t gettin’ around too well on that McDonald’s diet of his) but also because it saves me money. And I like that. See below.
  • Contribute to a savings account. I would like to state for the record that I do participate in a 401k plan, thus proving my transformation into an adult complete but apparently I’m not allowed to take the 401k money out for a large scrapbook purchase. Like Cricut cartridges.