This is why

You wonder why I ♥ David Wright? Here’s why. The following was taken from this Brooklyn Cyclones blog post:

“…David Wright took batting practice with the Cyclones again today, and we opened the gates early so fans could watch the Mets’ star take some hacks. He once again peppered the scoreboard with some long home runs, and looked sharp fielding ground balls at third base.

But that’s the boring stuff. Here’s the good stuff:

He signed autographs for just about every person in attendance, making his way to pockets of crowds in the stands, taking pictures, and talking to the fans. At one point, he had to break away to take some more swings, and a little boy (wearing a David Wright shirt) who was just about to get an autograph looked heartbroken. In fact, he started crying, and had to be hugged by his mom.

At the end of the practice, I mentioned the boy to David, and he made a point to go over to him, and sign an autograph. The little guy was thrilled, and started to walk away with a huge smile on his face. “Hey, Noah,” said Wright, calling the kid by his first name. “Come back here, buddy. This is for you.” He signed the bat he used during batting practice and gave it to Noah! The kid was awestruck and speechless. He just started screaming!

Then Wright signed his spikes, his batting gloves, his cap — just about everything he wore or used during the day — and gave them out to random kids in the stands!”

Yea. I’m pretty sure I’d say yes if he showed up at my door and asked for hand in marriage. And by pretty sure I mean absolutely 100% positive.

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  1. Sure, when he does it, it’s cool. When I give the clothes I’m wearing to little kids in the neighborhood, it’s a problem! Such a double-standard.

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