I swear I'm 27

I spent the entire (almost) weekend scrapbooking and it.was.fabulous.

I had signed up for a Friday night/Saturday crop and I was really excited because I have been in this mood to create pretty things and I finally was going to sit down and do it. In the form of scrapbooking. Although, I was very excited when I created a cute little thing (I don’t even know what I would use it for but it’s adorable) at the end of Day 2 (thanks for the make-n-take Michelle!). See below:

It’s just a cute little thing that is currently hanging on the formerly empty key hook I have hanging on my wall by the front door. I didn’t come prepared with a picture so I used an extra one I had of my brothers and me at my dad’s 50th b-day party a couple years ago (clearly, as I still had long hair). It’s actually a paper-covered piece of acrylic that is distressed on the edges with ink and it’s just what I felt like creating.

Anyhoo, I had so much fun with the ladies there. We scrapped from 5:30 until midnight on Friday and then I woke up again and went back to the scrapbook store on the Westbank from about 10:30 until 5:30. And I got so much done (evidence below, click to enlarge). I consider Friday and Saturday time well-spent for sure.

The below layout is actually part of the above. You open the right-hand page above, and it becomes a 3-page layout with the above left next to the below. What can I say, I like sets.

3 comments on “I swear I'm 27

  1. Wow, I REALLY wish I could have gone with you. I am so behind on my scrapping. Let me know if you go again any time soon!!

  2. Audra, I am definitely going back soon and will let you know so you can come with!

    Thanks Laura…you are a scrapbooker?!? I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am. I always knew you had it in ya…sigh.

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