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My thoughts? It is the worst thing to do on the face of the Earth. I equate it to driving in rush hour traffic in southern California, only worse. Because there is physical exertion and btw, my back hurts. I’m 27. Not fair.

I’m officially over it (packing) but only 97% done. I think I might be developing an allergy to cardboard, specifically in box-form. And packing tape too. I haven’t worn makeup in approximately four days and thankfully my hair is long enough for a ponytail to get it out of my face, except for the day when I was ready to shave my head and start over because it was bugging me so much. I opted for a hat instead, to save myself from earning Britney as a new nickname.

Everything checks out though, as the boxes piled up in my dining-area-turned-staging-area. At final count, there were three boxes from the kitchen and a couple boxes of clothes, all medium-sized boxes, among some other random boxes. And of course, a record-setting eight boxes of scrapbook supplies (three little boxes, two medium boxes, two large boxes and one Cricut box). Oh, and two large boxes of albums, so call it an even 10.

Before I packed the albums, I scanned a couple more, you know, in case my moving truck burst into flames, I have some record of my existence. I also wrote “if you smell smoke, take me first” on the album boxes, just in case the driver needed my help finding them. I’m fixing to bribe him when he comes tomorrow to assure these particular boxes’ safe arrival in Napa.

These new pages include my UCSD Baseball albums and my life as a collegian and the second semester (aka the best semester) of my senior year, and the holidays that fell within those time frames.

In other news, because I’m not ready to finishing my packing yet I will share this layout, because I’m seriously ready to watch some baseball. I have decided I’m going to retire in Arizona so I can go to Spring Training every year and just sit and watch lots of baseball games I’m pretty sure it will be fabulous. Whilst packing, I turned the spring training games on TV (hooray MLB Network, boo having to return my cable boxes) and I’m so excited for the season. For no particular reason other than I ♥ baseball.

I suppose I should finish this packing up. I’m at that point where, when I have to unpack (eventually), I’m going to open two or three boxes full of a random collection of items and recall this moment, where I just didn’t care anymore and just needed to throw it in a box to get it to CA and didn’t care that the the lamp shades were packed with my dresses.

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  1. okay, looking at those pages of spring semester is making me cry. i just want to say thanks for not cutting me out of all the pictures, especially after all that crap went down. i’d love to get all of us together again… looking at those pictures reminds me how much i miss all of you.

  2. L-Boogie, I had the same reaction when I looked through them! SUCH good times. We were quite the quartet! Let’s make a point to all get together during the summer. Amanda’s brother graduates from NHS (!!) in June so she’ll be in town and we’ll get Aleah on board too!

  3. Just chiming in to say I heart those pictures too! We had so much fun!! (Not sure we did much “learning” but whatev) And I’m in for reunion 2010 in June. Mark June 11 or 12 in the calendar.

    PS — How weird is it that my husband (!!) is in some of those?! He’s pretty dreamy, for a big weirdo.

    PPS — Safe travels home, C!

  4. I’ll be in Napa most of that weekend… My cousin Page graduates from NHS too, so definately count me in!

    Colleen- I’ve been thinking “global warming: oops, our bad” all day… my coworkers are starting to worry (as if they don’t already).

    Amanda, I had to chuckle when I saw Ben in some of the photos… what a fantastic twist of fate!

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