Gettin' my Irish on

Upon my return to the west coast, I realized I would be home in time for the San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Parades. I have only been a few times in the past, but every time I went, I had a good time so I called up (and by “called” I mean I Facebook messaged. Hello 2010.) my cousin who lives in the City.

Technically he is my third cousin I think. Maybe second cousin once-removed, I’m not sure how that works. His dad and my dad are first cousins so if anyone know how the branches of family trees work, feel free to enlighten me.

At any rate, I’m always impressed that we hang out at all because when I tell most people that I’m going to hang out with my third cousins, their typical response is “hm. I don’t even think I know my third cousins!”

Seriously people, you need to start believing me when I say I have a big family.

I drove down the San Francisco and only had ONE moment of “Crimany, I didn’t miss this traffic and now recall why I didn’t like to drive to SF” which is way below normal for me. I met up with my cousins and my newly-turned-21-year old brother, where I bought him an adult beverage and from there, we went bar/pub-hopping.

Now, I had myself a grand ol time in San Francisco, but those that I know in New Orleans ahem My Old Boss’ Family, ahem contend that St. Paddy’s Day in the Big Easy is way better. Well I can’t compare the two since I didn’t make it to any parades last year (hi baseball season, have we met?) and I had left (obvi) before any took place this year. But two things in favor of the SF celebration: one, I wouldn’t have gotten to drink celebrate with my brother or my family had I been in New Orleans and two (and most importantly), I saved myself the image that would have surely been burned in my brain forever– and that image was my old boss (and his legs) in a kilt, parading. So score one for SF.

For the record, I’m expecting a solid retort out of my old boss to the above comment because I have never known him to be a loss for a comeback. I mean, how many other people do you know who wish to be roasted (Friars Club-style) for their birthday by choice? Yep. That guy. So fire away Mike, the comments section is open.

In a shocking turn of events, I brought my camera (mostly because I got this supercute St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook paper that I’m dying to use) and (some of the) evidence of my weekend was captured below.

Me and my younger bro
Me and my younger bro
Nick, me, my brother Joe and my brother Ted
Nick, me, my brother Joe and my brother Ted
Every time I see this pic, it cracks me up. I really think it should be our next Christmas card.
Every time I see this pic, it cracks me up. I really think it should be our next Christmas card.
My cousins and me: Sean, Siobhan, me, and Brendan
My cousins and me: Sean, Siobhan, me, and Brendan

The corned beef and cabbage will be served Wednesday. I’ll be getting my crock pot on then. Erin Go Bragh!

4 comments on “Gettin' my Irish on

  1. Well… where do I begin?

    First of all, know that you are sorely missed by your friends, colleagues and, yes, your boss.

    B. I am glad that you got to spend such an important day with your family, especially your brothers who we all know you will love (in a platonic way) all the way to the grave.

    Now that the niceties are done:

    III. I have been to both the New Orleans Parade and the San Francisco Parade and I can tell you without a doubt, that there is no comparison. Lets look at the similarities:

    Both have people that wear Green…

    Now for the differences:

    In New Orleans we have fun, In SF you have lameness…

    In NO we March and give flowers to pretty girls for kisses, in SF you need to “check” before you kiss the pretty “girl”

    In SF you could fire a shotgun and not hit anyone in the sparse crowd, In NO you are likely to be hit by gunfire 9you win that one)

    I could go on, but we both know there is no point. I will win…

    Mike “The Kilted Boss” Kennedy

  2. You are second cousins! 🙂 (i’m actually good at figuring that stuff out–one of my few talents.)

    His father is your first cousin once removed. If you had a kid and your second cousin had a kid, they’d be third cousins. The removed only enters when it’s not the same generation 🙂

    Hope I’ve cleared up all that confusion that I know you were just dying to get cleared up. ha.

  3. Colleen! I love your blog! You crack me up. I still remember when you cooked us corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day freshman year.. and I want some snackin’ cake, too! 🙂

  4. That is the banter I’ve been missing in my life, Mike! Btw, I got a new jean jacket and thought of you since the new one is less 1987 and more cowboy-rodeo-ish, aka no acid wash here. I know you miss how I wore that thing every day.

    Morgan, I’m sure glad SOMEone knows how to calculate that stuff. I need to build in a feature that lets you pick two people from your family tree and it tells you how you are related. I hope they are listening as I type that.

    And Marin, I totally thought of you last night because I definitely make the corned beef dinner for my grandparents! Sadly, there was no snackin cake, but I need some in my life so if you want, I will totally bribe you with some to come visit me 🙂

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