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My mom asked me today if I had updated my website. I looked at her, yet the expression on my face truly made the words that followed unnecessary.

Me: I haven’t had anything to update.
Mom: What about how you went to the City for dinner?
Me: dinner with my brother isn’t exciting enough for a whole blog post. I tweeted that.
Mom: What about the rain?
Me: equally as boring, only worse because many of my readers are already experiencing said rain for themselves.

It was right about this time that my dad hollered up the stairs, wondering if he should turn the oven off for my mom, who reminded him he probably shouldn’t, since she hadn’t taken the food out yet since it wasn’t done cooking.

During the Great Oven Exchange of 2010, I happened upon this “news brief” (thanks for sharing this nugget Dante) which I will now post here, since I don’t have any good stories.

My work here is done.

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  1. Man, I am in the same boat as you are! I posted a couple of photos to my photography blog FINALLY. Where have I been!?! It’s weird how having something to say comes in waves…..why is that exactly? 🙂

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