Oh Hey 2011, Come On In

I’m waiting for G2 to get off work and was thinking about 2010 and how it all shook out. Not too shabby, I suppose. I moved back to CA, which is extremely helpful this time of year. I got a new job, which I enjoy much more than my (one before) previous and I met G2, which is working out splendidly 6 months in. I bought a television and a couch this year, which I’m pretty sure makes me an adult, so all in all, I’m gonna go ahead and chalk this year up to a solid one. It beats the hell out of a good portion of 2008 and the not-very-much-fun-professionally 2009.

But it would only be appropriate, given that it’s New Year’s Eve, to knock out some resolutions as we ring in 2011.

  • read more before going to bed
  • put more $$ into savings
  • catch up on my scrapbooking (that will be on my eternal resolution list)
  • cook and test more recipes
  • go for more walks/exercise after work (this will be easier when G2 doesn’t have to work the night shift at the hospital anymore :/)

I’m sure I had more on the list that I wanted to add but I can’t think of them at the moment so this list will have to suffice. In the mean time, maybe this glass of champagne sitting beside me will help jog my memory…

Happy New Year!