Get Meaningful Monday

Get Meaningful Monday
This weekend was crazy. Lots of ups, lots of stress…a blog post is forthcoming. In the mean time:

  • I’m grateful for all of our service men and women, who sacrifice their lives, both the lives that, in a perfect world, would be spent with their own loved ones on American soil, as well as their physical well being. They do this selflessly, in an effort to keep us safe. The way I figure it, whether you agree with the troops being deployed or not, we can all respect their brave decision to serve and support them in doing so.
  • 90 degree weather. I.LOVE.SUMMER. Especially during Spring.
  • I wasn’t into the Royal Wedding until I ended up waking up at 4am on Friday (not with the purpose of watching the wedding) and seeing how beautiful the bride looked and how happy the groom appeared to be. I’m rooting for this couple because I love a good love story.

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