Wow. Stay Hot LeMasters.

I’m staying in the same hotel as the Mets (read: David Wright) so in an effort to not be a stalker, I go directly to my room after the game tonight. But I’m antsy, so I take all my make up off, put my workout clothes on and get a run and lift in.

I hop in the elevator to go back to my room, all sweaty, red-faced and a little smelly and who is in the elevator when the doors open? Jason Bay, Igarashi, Jason Pridie, Mookie Wilson and some Mets suits. Mental head slap.

It gets better because, I try to rapidly try to push my floor button as the doors are closing, forgetting that the elevator is room card activated. This of course draws more attention to me and all of my gross/smelly-ness, and also invites the friendly teasing about how it looks like I’m coming along for the ride, which of course ensues when I don’t get my card in the slot in time and the doors shut, continuing up to their floors and bypassing mine.

Way to avoid the Mets, LeMasters. Stay hot.