New beats

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from high school, whose music I have always enjoyed, told me his bad was releasing a new album and asked if I would take a listen.

Flattered, I received an email with the latest releases from Uncle Daddy and a little while later and began listening to the new album Psalms Before The Storm. I have played the handful of songs over and over again, determining my favorites. Bless his heart, he told me it was ok if I didn’t like it, though I knew that wouldn’t be the case. I know Noah to be a heart-felt musician, putting all of himself into his music and no doubt he wouldn’t align himself with bandmates that wouldn’t do the same.

Now, let’s be clear. I’m no music critic. I just know what I like. And I really like their first single ‘Fade Away’ which I’m sharing here:

Again, I don’t even know music terms that well but the baseline/intro pulls me and I knew I would like this song from the get go. The guitar-that-builds-to-drums-that opens up into the rest of the instruments coming in to contribute to the sound immediately had me keeping the beat right along. It may sound cheesy, but it’s the type of song that grabs you in the pit of your stomach from the onset and like a home-cooked meal, sticks to your ribs and makes you feel good.

I’m a fan.

Of course, I’m always a sucker for a poignant ballad-y tune so the track ‘Beautiful’ is lovely. The lyrics make me pause and I always love a song that can come up with new ways to describe a person’s admiration for the object of their affection….even more so when the song lyrics recognize the qualities that anyone else might overlook that make the person more endearing to the other.

“She’s beautiful like sunrise but she…she burns like moonshine and I’m feeling just fine, anyway;
She’s soothes like a sunset but she’ll turn your eyes blood red…”

For fun, Noah sent me a download of a Katy Perry cover “E.T.” which is an extremely unique rendition. I almost didn’t recognize it, it was such a departure from the original, but with familiar lyrics.

Over all, I continue to enjoy Noah’s music and the soul that is put into the album. I like the mix of the soulful guitar and deep, resonating baselines. Check out more of their music online at and let him know what you think, but I think it’s to be enjoyed, especially because the passion that he and the rest of his bandmates have shines through and how can you not respect the efforts of someone following their passion?