My Trip to New York: In a Nutshell

I had arrived on Thursday night and Dave took me for pizza. Long Island has not shortage of delis or pizza places with Italian names all claiming the Island’s best pizza. Friday was spent around his hometown of Northport and Saturday was New Year’s Eve, which was spent in Queens with his friends from high school (all of whom were lovely and hilarious and fun). We lounged New Year’s Day. He got bagels for breakfast brunch from one his favorite places and we walked from his parents’ house to the beach, where it was brisk, but nice. We visited the North Fork for wine tasting on Tuesday, where we ended up bringing back 14 or so bottles. I fell asleep in the car. Dave found it hilarious to take a picture of my with my head back, completely knocked out, with my mouth open. It was not one of my more flattering pictures but it brings him immeasurable entertainment. I will delete it off his phone when he isn’t looking.

We made it home in time to watch the Oregon Ducks emerge as Rose Bowl Champions. Fantastic. Tuesday was the day to go to NYC. I could give you a play-by-play of the trip into NYC but the visual tour just does it so much more justice. (click to enlarge)

I hadn't seen the Statue of Liberty up close. In all the times I have visited NYC. Mental note: Winter is not the time to do it. It was so cold that tears were literally drawn from my eyes by the biting wind.
South Street Seaport. More importantly, the point at which I begin to feel my ears again

South Street Seaport was downright balmy compared to Battery Park
So much warmer here. If 40ish degrees is considered warm.

The most amazing display of all edible Italian things. Following the traumatic cold at Battery Park, Dave took me to Eataly where we were amazing/overwhelmed at the marketplace and cafe(s) of Eataly. Go there. It's awesome.
I was dying to see this tree. I was unimpressed. So much space between those branches! And colored lights aren't my favorite. But I still like this photo, which comes complete with protestors in the background.

Heading to a subway station on the way home, I subjected Dave to taking photos next to pretty things like this fountain, which we are blocking. But trust me. It was pretty. Pretty and cold.

We shopped on Wednesday and I got a taste of some Long Island culture when a mother of two began yelling (in a voice not unlike that of Janice from “Friends”) at her young son for pushing his younger brother in a stroller while she was busy in J Crew. Later, another woman who donned bleached white hair, a faux fur wrap, serious raccoon eyes and enough gold jewelry to retire thanks to, was wearing so much perfume, I had a sneezing fit. My eyes began to swell and it was all down hill. We left and I went home and napped. Then took a long steaming shower to remove that horrific scent from my nasal cavities. Long Island Mall: 1, Colleen: 0.

Thursday I had sushi. Kind of. I had bites of Dave’s tuna because the seaweed brings back awful flashbacks from college where we had 3 rice cookers (one of which was branded with Hello Kitty) and a constant supply of dried seaweed and kimchee. I actually ordered the teriyaki chicken because I wasn’t feeling adventurous. But his tuna roll thing was tasty. We spent the evening on our last full day in Queens again, having dinner with Eric and Maria. Maria is Irish and her accent is fairly awesome. The 4 of us laughed, drank wine and indulged in what we all agreed were calories that don’t count since we were on vacation. I really enjoyed having dinner with the two of them (our hosts from NYE) and I’m glad Dave got to spend some time with them too.

Friday was spent in the air before we landed in SFO. Vacation was officially over 12 hours later when I was back at work but at least I had a full week to unplug and unwind.

It was fantastic.