Wedding Weekend Extravaganza

Let’s be clear with the title of this post– it was my cousin LEIGH’S wedding weekend that just took place. As such, I was her Maid of Honor and this of course comes with VERY important duties, such as her bachelorette celebration! Leigh is in retail and October-November-December are essentially akin to my August-September-October, which is to say, insanely busy and not so easy to plan a getaway. So to work around her (and selfishly, my “busy season” I opted to do a spa day the morning before her Big Day to try and help her relax and get ready to be a bride. This was especially appropriate because she had literally been working every.single.weekend.ever and I thought it would be a good idea to get her out of her work mind and into bride mind.

I arranged a private “retreat” room at the Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville and we had optional mani-pedi appointments for those who wanted to take advantage. For those who didn’t need their nails done, they joined us for breakfast and hung out in our room. The below documents the girly-ness that went on Click to enlarge photos and an actual wedding post will follow shortly.

PS- I know my birthday was also last week, but given that it was a Tuesday (work day) and the wedding took place Saturday, that post is on hold. Dave and I celebrated with a nice dinner out (more on that later) and he is giving me a present this Saturday, as it’s our first 2-day weekend together in a while. The birthday post will come post-birthday present 😀

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