Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler

All of my New Orleans friends have awesome photos of Mardi Gras posted on Facebook. I looked at them longingly, thinking of how awesome it was when I went in 2010, right before I moved home.

Dave received the following email and thought of me:

He promptly made reservations when he saw me light up at the mention of crawfish etouffee.

We arrived to a very festive atmosphere last night and lots of purple, green and gold and I had a great view of SportsCenter so I was a happy camper.

Then they rolled out the menu. And do you know what I had?

One of everything.

Seriously. I was under the impression we picked from each category. Nope, not so. We were served everything, family-style. Though Dave and I are convinced they pre-portioned everything for groups of four so the two of us got huge portions of everything.

Take a look at my dinner menu last night (and subsequent lunch today).

Yea. All that.

In a shocking turn of events, we left completely stuffed.

In other news, I miss easy access to crawfish.

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  1. I MISS N’awlins, and Mardi Gras!! Lived there 3 years and have attended 8 Mardi Gras!!
    Hope Farmstead does that again next year, we’re goin!

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