Presenting. . .

About two weeks ago, I had my appointment at the French Consulate in San Francisco, at which I applied for a long-stay visitor visa. Having this document means I can legally stay in France for a year, whereas a normal passport would only allow for 90 days in the country (promptly followed by 90 days out). Dave wasn’t worried, but I was horribly stressed because if I wasn’t approved, all these plans would fall apart. The passport photo they took that day makes me look like a scared six-year old. Mostly because I was, in fact, scared/nervous/stoic. I was trying so hard to not be (inadvertently) disrespectful for fear that they would reject my request right then and there, that I was practically sweating through my sweater. In San Francisco. In July. When it is coldest.

On the plus side, I was approved later that week (impressive efficiency, French Consulate) but part of my application for the visa was a letter stating that I would NOT engage in French employment while living there for the year.

Thus the impetus to finally begin my own creative & design business. With that, I would like to introduce the world to Colleen LeMasters Creative, a communications and digital marketing boutique!


It’s something that I have thought about for a long time, and there is no better time than now to launch such a venture. I can write copy, press releases, blog, design websites, handle social media…everything can be done remotely while I’m physically in France, however I can work for American clients (and accept American dollars :))

My new business email will be CL[at]colleenlemasterscreative[dot]com and I’m now accepting projects!

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  1. Congrats!! How exciting! And just wait until you get your picture for your carte de sejour…no jewelry, no smiling, and hair tucked behind your ears and behind your shoulders. I look like a thug in mine!! I also had to sign a document (which I had to write myself IN FRENCH on the spot) stating that i would not work. Michael had to sign one stating that he would not engage in polygamy….the adventures in French bureaucracy are never ending!

  2. Thanks everyone! Everything seems to be going so fast…packing, storing, starting this new website up…phew! Here’s hoping I “stay busy” when I’m in Montpellier!!

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