Bon Voyage, California

Dave and I are leaving California in the morning after a great family-filled weekend. We celebrated Ted’s college graduation on Saturday night it was a good time to see everyone and say goodbye, then tonight Mom and Dad took all of us kids out to Rutherford Grill before we went back home for some more wine and leftover desserts from the party last night.

We’ll have to say our goodbyes in the morning, when we stop in for coffee before officially pulling out of town, but I hope they know how much we appreciate their support in our move. I’m sure they aren’t thrilled with the distance (what parent would be?) but I know they are excited for Dave and me to begin our adventure in France/Italy for the next two years.

Mom and Dad,
Try not to worry about us too much while we’re over there. We’ll be back in the States before you know it and hopefully I’ll be babbling in French by then. It’s going to be an amazing experience and I’m lucky to get to do it all with Dave. We’ll take care of each other over there and I want you to know he’s everything you have ever wanted in someone for me (and then some) so know that we’ll do just fine in Europe. We love you guys a lot and will miss you. Thanks for supporting us all along the way and we’ll see you in December!


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