Roadtrip: Day One

We landed in Williams, Arizona last night around 10:30pm, a good 750 miles under our belts.

Come to find out, I’m horribly allergic to the desert. We stopped in Fresno at an In-N-Out for one last taste of California and I was all right.

Tehatchapi was our next driving switch and we hopped out to gas up. It was all down hill from there. My nose wouldn’t stop and my eyes were watering and red and puffy. I felt like death.

By the time we hit Needles, CA for dinner at some Route 66 diner, I was done for and totally not helpful. I couldn’t drive because I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough before having to blink away tears.

That meant poor Dave had to do the majority of the driving. And did we mention it is monsoon season? Yea. That’s a real thing. Somewhere around the CA-AZ border the lightning started up and made for a pretty spectacular show. We were admiring said lightshow until we got more than a taste of the rain that went with it. We were hit by torrential downpours, which led to the issuing of severe weather alerts by the National Weather Service. I was still extremely miserable and running out of glove compartment napkins.

Finally we saw the light of the Comfort Inn. I didn’t even pass go or collect $200. I went straight for the shower to steam all the allergies out. I ended up taking 3 showers in Williams. 3. And I’m finally feeling better, which is a good thing because we were slated to visit the Grand Canyon and I did not want to miss that.

More on Day 2 of our roadtrip later and possibly some video of the cool lightning, depending on wireless capabilities. Currently, I’m shirking my responsibilities as navigator to blog via my phone, but so far, so good. As long as I have my zyrtec and flonase handy, that is.

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