Roadtrip: Day Two

I woke up in Williams, AZ feeling much better, and thank goodness for that because Dave and I were eager to see the Grand Canyon. At the onset of our voyage, we downloaded this handy app called “Best Roadtrip Ever” (how could we go wrong?!) and it shows us landmarks, sites, restaurants and the like, all along our route. This little gem of an app also informed us that en route to the Grand Canyon was Bedrock City. Sound familiar? It should, it’s home to Fred and Wilma Flintstone! Naturally, we pulled over and for a measely $5, we got to tour Bedrock, take photos with the Goat-asaurus and watch a few minutes of a cartoon about how Fred was mad at Barney for buying tickets to the opera on bowling night. A classic.

One of MANY photos

After our brief detour, it was onward to the Grand Canyon. Truly, I can’t do it justice with words. The whole thing was painted in shades of red and so cavernous that it made me feel incredibly small. The colors that appear together in nature really fascinate me. Mother Nature really has an eye for complimentary colors.

As Dave and I took photo after photo, trying to capture the magnitude of what we were seeing, we realized that we needed more time to take it all in. Sadly, we didn’t spend nearly the amount of time we would’ve liked but I will try to put photos up later tonight when I have a chance to blog via computer and not phone.

We spent about an hour exploring the Grand Canyon and another 4-5 driving around/through it (and stopping for the occasional photo op around the Navajo Reservation-we think) to get back on our route.

We made a quick lunch/gas stop in Flagstaff and we were off again. New Mexico also boasted wild horses which were pretty awesome to see running free. We stopped again in Albuquerque for a quick bite at a Whole Foods Market that put the Napa store to shame with its pizza oven and burrito bar. From there, it was off to Amarillo, Texas to complete our 769-mile voyage for the day. Unfortunately, we also had to cross two time zones in one day’s travel, so that meant we got into Amarillo at 1:30am local time. It also made for an extremely painful 7am wake up call.

St. Louis, Missouri or bust….

5 comments on “Roadtrip: Day Two

  1. Welcome to Texas
    Sadly you are not seeing some of our best parts but there is something to see everywhere in Texas. Sounds like you are having a great trip discovering America before you start your great adventure in France. Keep us posted!

  2. What a great start to your adventure! Savor every minute. Love to you both.

  3. If you stopped and saw all the amazing things along the way, you would not reach Ohio by August 2013! What an amazing trip you must be having. You go girl!

  4. Thanks everyone! We definitely wish we had more time. There are so many ridiculous things to see, along with the iconic things. I’m just bummed I couldn’t sneak a baseball stadium in here somewhere!

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