My new stomping grounds

I went on a photo-taking excursion today, taking shots of the places where you’re most likely to find me if I’m not home. (Really, being in the city-center, I have everything I need within a short walk, so that’s nice.) I tried to explain everything in the captions so hopefully it all makes sense.

Once we move into our new (read: permanent) place on Monday (whoo hoo!), I will have to do it all over again, as I explore my new new stomping grounds.

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11 comments on “My new stomping grounds

  1. Tthanks for sharing the pictures of your surroundings! Glad to see a slice of your world. I love you and miss you and hope your having fun all at the same time!

  2. It is so different from here yet it must be so exciting all the same. As adventures always are. When you visit somewhere it goes by so fast and before you know it you are back on your couch. I am so glad you are getting a chance to soak in and embrace very minute of your time there.

  3. Thanks everyone. I got to play tourist today, so that was kinda fun. The language part is coming along (SLOWLY) but I’m getting there. I can at least recognize words…it’s the stringing them together to form coherent sentences that still hangs me up- ha! But the more I go out and immerse myself, the better off I’ll be right?? And on that note, Dave and I are off to sample some of the local cuisine. For research/learning purposes of course 🙂

  4. Ha! I had to laugh at the “MC Hammer pants” comment…one thing I found kind of odd about European mens’ fashions was that European men tend to wear capri pants (or as I like to call them, ‘man capris’)…also they wear a lot of white pants. You just don’t see as many American men wearing capri length pants, or white pants for that matter! Funny how fashion trends can be different 🙂

  5. Aleah, you are so right about the fashion. The men definitely love their capris and everyone wears a lot of white. I guess that’s why that store with ONLY white clothes does so well. I saw a pair of white Hammer pants (best of both fashion worlds) for 8 euro and was very tempted to buy them in an effort to fit in.

  6. Colleen…I haven’t met you yet but can’t way it do so. What a talented woman you are! I have really enjoyed everything you’ve written and the pictures you’ve taken. What a great adventure you are on and how envious so many of us are of you! Give Dee-dee Tally an enormous hug from me.

  7. Geesh…what a great first impression. Just realized I wrote, “can’t way it do so” instead of “can’t wait to do so!!” I really don’t talk like that.

  8. Hi Nanette…fear not, I knew what you meant 🙂 Besides, I was too busy finding Dave’s “nickname” for himself when he was a baby adorable. I love that! I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family at Christmas as well. I also haven’t ever experienced a white Christmas, so I’m also not-so-secretly wishing for that too. I’m glad you’re enjoying the pictures..More to come!

  9. Ah, what a great selection of pictures!!! And Amorino is my absolute fave in all the world for ice cream…lessee, my three flavors are hazelnut (I know, I know), coffee and pistachio…makes a lovely flower cone, colors are adorable!!!!

  10. Hi Kassandra, I’m glad you liked the pictures and I’m totally on board with your choice of flavors at Amorino…so delicious when together!

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