Market Days

I pretty much live for the markets these days. It seems like each day of the week, I can go to a different neighborhood around the city center and find a market full of produce, jams, cheese, meats, olive oils, nuts, spices… you name it. We can get it there.

On Saturday, Dave and I walked around the market in Arceaux, which takes place on Tuesdays as well (which we know because the market happens to be on Dave’s path to school). We’ve decided that we should really try to make an effort to get our produce from these places because the prices are better than the grocery stores near our house. Currently, our plan is to take the tram to the Géant Casino, which is the Wal-Mart of Montpellier as far as size and goods, and stock up once a week of household/non-perishable items, then get the rest of the stuff from the markets during the week. Seems reasonable for now, but we’ll see how it works. In the mean time, take a a look at the Saturday Market Day in Arceaux!

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3 comments on “Market Days

  1. It looks great however I might be a bit skittish about buying duck or any meats in an open market, but hey you in France You gotta go with the flow!

  2. Yes it would be unforunate as you were being rushed to the ER by Natalie and hearing her say “I was sure it would cook off” I would stick with produce, cheese and wine. But what the hell do I know I am a Texan!

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