Working away

Since we’ve arrived in France, and especially since Dave’s started school, I’ve had plenty to keep me busy. I’ve started teaching myself French, via podcasts, good ol’ fashioned textbooks and a conversation exchange twice a week at a local bookshop. I’ve also found a plethora of online classes for web coding and I’m currently brushing up on some new coding languages.

I took on a few small projects for Colleen LeMasters Creative and even got a chance to put the finishing touches on my site! Before I left California, a photographer friend of mine took some headshots of me for my about page of new venture. I got that up and running (there were some hilarious shots in there too, which will be featured in a later blog) and I finally got my Facebook page for CLC up!

Do me a solid and give it a like! And tell your friends! Especially tell them if they need a website created, content written or social media help. I’m totally willing to let that cut into my baguette-and-cheese-eating time.


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