Une Bonne Journee

Photo courtesy of the Chez Boris website

A good day

I had a luncheon with a group of Ex-Pat bloggers from all over France today. A luncheon that happened to take place in Montpellier, around the corner from our house (of which I’m still working on photos for the blog). I had so much fun…so so much fun. Chatting away endlessly with everyone, sharing stories of culture shock…in English.

We met at Chez Boris around 12:30 and I didn’t get home til 4:30. Though that’s not all that shocking. The French lifestyle is one that includes a 2-hour lunch during the week as a normality. We maybe enjoyed talking a little longer than the restaurant would have cared (which didn’t stop us, we congregated around the outside as they rolled down their doors to lock up until dinner).

The pictures of the restaurant, right along the esplanade, will have to do until I can steal graciously borrow Abby’s photos since she was smart enough to bring a camera.

Photo courtesy of: Papilles et Papotes which I found via Google image search

Now I’m off to get ready to meet Abby and her husband Logan for a movie. Yep, Dave and I have a double-date. Yay!

6 comments on “Une Bonne Journee

  1. Yes Chez Boris is a good place from what I’ve heard and I know one of the owners, she’s really nice and sweet. Good choice you’ve made!

  2. We had a BLAST!!!! So fun having a social life AND English speaking friends 🙂 Hope to see you next month!

  3. It was great to meet you Colleen, even if we didn’t get to chat much. Hard to believe we were sitting three seats down from each other and couldn’t hear a thing of what the other was saying (I was trying, but it was just too noisy). I don’t think Chez Boris knew what hit them.

  4. Abby & Kirsty, it was great to meet you guys as well! I’m looking forward to the next luncheon but seriously hoping we don’t have to wait another year…that was too much fun!

  5. Collen, it was wonderful meeting you the other day at the luncheon. I wished I got to speak with you a bit more…but it’s so great to meet everyone and find their blogs. I also look forward to the next luncheon – and yes, hopefully we won’t have to wait another year! Take care and have a great weekend!

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