30-Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude ~ Day 1

With November already upon us, and me spending a great deal of time on Pinterest (but seriously, they PAY me to do this!) a few days ago, I came across this pin:

So I decided, what with November having 30 days and all, I would start it up and give it a whirl. And with that, I bring you Day 1: A Favorite Food.

Since I don’t have access to Taqueria Rosita and we weren’t having burgers for dinner, I went with these chocolate chip cookies. Also because I have made this cookie recipe no less than 10 times since being here (hey, it’s a single-serve recipe..and Dave and I get cookie cravings frequently and neither of us have enough self control to leave the extra cookies of a full serve recipe in the cookie jar). Either way, each time I made the recipe, it has not turned out. The cookies usually taste ok…except for that time that they tasted like fish cookies. I seriously think it was too much flour (I hope). Either way, it was gross. But sometimes they have burned bottoms and underdone tops (I blame My Nemesis) or they don’t rise or, insert your baking disaster of choice here.

Tonight, however, I finally got the recipe right and was also able to control My Nemesis enough to get them baked Goldilocks-style…just right.

So I figured a picture of my favorite food for today should deservedly be these cookies. Stay tuned for some more imagery and explanation tomorrow.

2 comments on “30-Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude ~ Day 1

  1. Love this!!! I am trying to recipe THIS WEEKEND!!!! You know me and my sweets these days…haha 🙂

  2. Abby, it’s PERFECT for just a little something delicious…the recipe probably tends to yield closer to 4-6 cookies (usually I double it and last night’s batch made 11). So tasty!

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