So much better than a Star Stage Microphone

I’ve been doing some voice over work as a side gig lately and the client sent over some recording equipment, since I have none in my current environment.

After spending an afternoon figuring out how it all went together, I think I’m set.

Way better than the Star Stage Mic
Way better than the Star Stage Mic

It is also way more professional than my old Star Stage Microphone…

I don’t know if anyone remembers exactly what a Star Stage Microphone was, but it was the vehicle that pretty much allowed me to be Debbie Gibson at the tender age of 6 (ish). It was a microphone on a stand that swiveled around and had a pedal on either side so I could make my voice echo (left pedal) or carry the note that I was belting out (right pedal), should I deem it necessary during my performance. I recall using it for multiple in-room concerts as a child, mostly to a solid collection of 80s pop.

Fast-forward 20+ years and here we are.

Dave also fashioned me a sound booth, complete with padded walls from mattresses and other movable furniture. He’s also my sound tech. Once I’m in the booth, he closes me in with another mattress, then sits outside with my computer making sure you can’t hear any other outside noise. It’s actually quite efficient now that we have a system in place and proper equipment.

I’ve come a long way. Also Disney, if you need a voice for your next princess, I’m available.