A Weekend Staycation

My cousin and her boyfriend drove over to visit Dave and me this weekend for a mini weekend staycation. On Saturday, we got “lost” in the Italian countryside as we tried to make our way to a winery (apparently Google doesn’t realize that the most direct route, if through an unpaved dirt road near someone’s corn farm, is NOT the most most desirable route). We did, however, spend the afternoon tasting different varietals, like schioppettino and tazzelenghe, among others, at a winery near the Slovenian border.

We continued the adventure on Sunday, as we headed to San Daniele, for a festival celebrating prosciutto (!!) where they served not only prosciutto, but sides of montasio cheese and melon…and of course beer and wine. We dined under a grove of trees that shielded us from the mist of the rain, but not the constant stream of hard rain that eventually came our way. We huddled under overhangs of the city as we made our way back to the car, damp but not worse for the wear.

It was a good weekend— of impromptu plans that led to fun, good food and great memories.

3 comments on “A Weekend Staycation

  1. Two things! Caught a rerun of an episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” this weekend with Chris Cosentino raving about prosciutto ice cream, and I swear I thought “where’s Colleen, I have to tell her about this!”
    And, one of my aunts taught me how to make something called Sgroppino, and OMG DELICIOUS, you should look into it immediately!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! Happy you could be together!

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