A vacation with bubbles

We’re back in Udine (it’s obvious we’re no longer in Tuscany on account of all the rain and thunderstorms here) and getting back into the swing of things after our mini vacation. Our getaway included lots of lazy afternoons on the beaches of Elba, some practicing of my photography and even a bit of work. The Tuscan air proved inspirational, as I got some client branding designed, and even launched a website from my phone.

While I’m still going through the photos from the trip, you can snag a sneak peak on Instagram…which brings me back to that new website that launched. It was for an Italian prosecco (available in the States) and part of the gig is Instagramming life in Italy. Check it out—maybe even over a glass of bubbles!

Lady La Femme

For a look at the site, head on over to my portfolio.