Autumn starts

Fall in Udine
hints of gold among the green

Happy fall!

I had this post all planned out and was going to post it on September 21, but I fell down a rabbit hole of web coding. It’s a thing, trust me.

Today, I’m getting some work done and the bright, blue sky with plenty of sunshine is filling my windows, making me very happy (and productive).

Fall is most certainly here. The fall crops like squash and kaki (persimmons), are starting to grace the bins at the markets and the weather has actually been pleasant during the day (the storms at night though…totally different story!) I’m loving the bright sunshine (without the suffocating humidity) and the crisp air that comes with the season.

Autumn always feels like a fresh start to me. That seems odd, given that it’s a feeling usually associated with spring, but fall was (is) when school started, and everything was new…classes, teachers, new sports seasons would begin; I loved it all. I was never behind in anything during the fall!

Autumn always feels like a fresh start to me.

That feeling is creeping back, because my most of my daily travels take me in and around the university, where everyone is starting their year. There was noticeable inactivity up until last week; I had the (university) gym to myself, the streets were much quieter during the lunch hours without packs of teens heading to take their typical two-hour lunch break. I would have loved that in high school. As it was, we were lucky to get something off campus and make it back in time to eat it!

The weather is just warm enough to get away with t-shirts during the day, but when the sun goes down, a sweater is necessary. That’s the feeling of fall. Growing up in California, this was harvest weather and I bet the Valley smells like grapes right about now. The vineyards changed colors, but from what I understand, it’s different from the season change on the east coast. I’m interested to see what Northern Italy does. We’ve started to see hints of color change in the trees, but still not cool enough for outright changes. Still, I’m excited to take advantage of the sunshine before we head back to the States for a New York winter!

Here’s to starting fresh in the fall!

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  1. Colleen, I loved your post on the beginning of autumn. It’s my favorite too! Enjoy.

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