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I can’t believe 2015 is already here…January has flown by, thanks to some exciting projects both this month and on the horizon! Last week, I launched a new site for Gordon Lustig, a musician and teacher who has composed and arranged a ton of songs, some of which you may have heard on television! I almost hesitate to call it a launch, since I didn’t design the site, but there was some serious coding going on, so there’s that 🙂

Gordon had multiple online homes: he had an HTML-based website with his professional samples, a separate blog on the free platform, and he was also populating a third site with some of his teaching materials. He was in need of some streamlining, so we met over coffee and strategized. Gordon was happy with the look of his HTML website, but didn’t use it to its full potential because HTML coding was required to make changes. So we set out to take his HTML site and re-develop it within the WordPress content management system (with which he was already comfortable), allowing him to keep his design. After the development was complete, I imported his blog and gave him an extra section for his teaching materials, all within one online home!

Now Gordon can make basic updates himself, while his students, fans and followers can find all the info they need and everyone only has one website to visit. Mission accomplished!

Gordon Lustig Music

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