Last weekend, the family headed to Santa Cruz for a quick beach getaway and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After a productive (read: busy) week of work, it was such a treat to head out of town with Dave and my mom on Friday afternoon and disconnect for a few days. My brother, sister-in-law and niece joined us on Saturday and we all walked on the beach (well, four of us walked…one of us napped in a baby bjorn— the good life!) We enjoyed perfect Saturday weather: the fog burned off in the morning to reveal a bright blue sky and the warmth of the sun made me grateful that I had packed “just-in-case” shorts. (Shorts can be a lofty wardrobe choice when it comes to NorCal beaches, but Santa Cruz never fails to give me at least one good sun day!) Even Sunday’s lingering overcast start was welcomed, as it made the perfect backdrop for a cozy patio brunch with plenty of coffee.

We even saw sea lions, dolphins and whales (oh my!). In the many vacations we’ve taken to the beaches of Santa Cruz, I’ve never seen so much sea life so close to shore! I can’t even begin to tell you how mad at myself I was for bringing my camera and then forgetting the battery on the charger at home. Seriously depressing. At least I had my phone….but gah.

Friday and Saturday nights were filled with cheese platters, wine and good conversation, as we caught up with my mom’s college friend (who was kind enough to let us use her beach house). Did I mention we basically ate gourmet food all weekend, since my mom’s friend is an amazing cook? That, combined with the relaxation of a chaise on a patio facing the waves, made for the perfect beach getaway.

Saturday morning perfection
I love watching the fog roll out
This face…sigh. Also, when she tries to gnaw on Dave? Hilarious.
I can’t believe how close the kayaker got
Another whale, out for an afternoon swim
Beach bliss

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