In honor of this social “holiday” known as #ThrowbackThursday, I have gone through the blog archives (can you believe that in September of this year, I will have had this blog for ten years?!?) for a look at where I was at roughly the same time during years’ past. So much has changed (namely, my hair) but some has stayed the same, as it does. Join me on this fun journey back in time, DeLorean not required.

  • 2009: Baseball season at Tulane. A large part of 2009 and the reason I moved to New Orleans.
  • 2010: Moving back to CA, to be closer to family and take a job at the winery where I would meet my future husband. Good thing I packed up and headed west!
  • 2011: Family functions and my brothers’ games were some of the things I missed most when I was gone.

  • 2012: This is just comedy gold.
  • 2013: We were living in France and I had just gotten my business off the ground. It was still a low hover at that point, but there was progress and that was something.
  • 2014: Italy and discovering our new European town that was our home for the duration on 2014. A city that was good to us.