Blog Hiatus: It’s Been a Minute

So, um. Yea. This blog. Still here! I never intended to take a blog hiatus, it’s just that it fell down in priority. Kids, man. Kids.

Thanks to a new baby (who is now 18 months– what!?!) and a very energetic big brother who turned 4 in November, coupled with a full workload for which I’m incredibly grateful, and a global pandemic (thrown in for good measure), the blog just got pushed to the back burner. Like, six-burners-deep back burner.


With the start of 2021, I’m ready to start writing again and return from my (unintentional) blogging hiatus. In an effort to better serve my clients, I’ll be shifting focus to more web-related and WordPress topics, like image optimization and tips for keeping a website tidy, but there will still be the occasional kid-post. Let’s be honest, they really dictate the free time, amiright?

One of the biggest tasks that the blog hiatus allowed me to accomplish was the redesign of my own website. Finally! I was the epitome of the whole cobbler’s children have no shoes, telling people how to keep their website up to date, but totally ignoring my own… facepalm.

This new redesign took the better part of 2020 to finalize but I’m so, so happy to see it come to life. The new design also comes with a sweet custom dashboard on the backend, in place to better serve my clients, as well as streamline many of my own web processes. I am genuinely hoping that the new look and functions will make it easier and more efficient (I’m all about efficiency these days!) to keep things up to date, both professionally and personally. I also hope to use this platform as a means to catch up with people that I haven’t been able to see on account of that whole pandemic thing. Honestly 2020, you were the worst.

So settle in with a warm beverage, browse around and let me know what you think. If it’s been a while since we’ve chatted, tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments!

4 comments on “Blog Hiatus: It’s Been a Minute

  1. Welcome Back..I missed your musings..I love your humor and wit. I’m a huge fan!! Congrats on all the great things you’ve accomplished and it is a joy to be apart of and follow along on your journey. ♥️

    • Thank you, Jodi! In a bit of related (and timely) news, Alessia slept through the night in her own bed last night, so I woke up feeling energized after a full night’s sleep. Here’s hoping I will funnel some of that energy to new posts for you to read, ha!

  2. Welcome back friend! I am so happy to continue reading your posts, kids and all!

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