Baby No More

This tiny human is two years old today! She talks up a storm (for months now), is not shy about telling us what’s on her mind, and has the best expressions for every emotion. I hope she takes the same level of confidence she exudes when she sticks the landing on her jumps from the step stool into everything else she tackles in life. This little girl with the wild curls loves her brother more than anyone else and when they are playing together or snuggling on the couch watching a movie, I feel like my heart might just explode.

We were so grateful to celebrate with family last weekend— the first family party since Christmas 2019! Enjoy a few snaps from the festivities celebrating our sweet hurricane.

Tonight, we will have one of her favorite dinners (garlic shrimp and veggies) and maybe take a walk to get birthday fro-yo since we already did cake. There will be a few more presents to open and probably late bedtime as we spend the evening wishing time would slow down… just for a while.