Rad things I wanna do in NoLa, part 1

I have a running list in my head of rad things I want to do in New Orleans but oddly enough, when asked recently how I wanted to spend my Sunday, all of them escaped me. Serves me right for not writing them down. Hence this post. And also, I’m trying to bring back the word rad and this seemed like a good opportunity. I know I can count on MTG to help a sista out, but I hope I have your support as well.

Here’s what I got for round 1:

  • Take a picture standing in front of the ‘Welcome to New Orleans’ sign
  • Take a Cajun Cooking Class *Update–looks like this might just happen. Cheers to Miss Julie for hooking me up!
  • Go to Cafe DuMonde and eat a beignet. I cannot believe I haven’t had one since I’ve been here. It’s practically a sin.
  • Walk around Fulton Street and take pictures of all the Christmas decorations
  • Go to a Hornets game since the last time I went to an NBA game I was young enough to have received a Chris Mullin peechee folder
  • Go to a Saints game *I will be crossing this off the list as of Sunday. Woot woot!
  • Attend JazzFest, the Essence Music Festival and do MardiGras from a balcony in the Quarter, where it’s safe.
  • Dine on a Central Grocery muffaletta (refer to comment about beignets)
  • Take one of the haunted house tours (volunteers welcome; I will not be doing this alone)

I will be adding to this list as I think of more. Hopefully I won’t think of them in the middle of the night because odds are good I won’t get up and blog about them. And we know I won’t remember them in the morning.

9 comments on “Rad things I wanna do in NoLa, part 1

  1. Ride the streetcar, dumbass.

    Some other suggestions:
    – Take advantage of the best part of living in New Orleans: Get a to go cup at a bar.
    – Sunbathe in December (Hey, I’m from up north, this was big)
    – Evacuate for a Hurricane (rite of passage!)
    – Show your boobs for beads.

  2. K-Dub, I will take your suggestions under advisement although don’t hold you breath on the last suggestion. I’m also not sure how I feel about the second to last and would prefer to avoid it if at all possible. Thank you and good day.

  3. RAD 🙂 I love lists (as you can see in my own blog…I still need like 6 more)…These are great! I can’t wait to read about each one! The only thing that comes to mind about NO is Mardi Gras – I’m such a Californian.

  4. Ohhh, I wanna go on the haunted tour with you! So fun! I think you should add to your list: wrastle (with an a) a gator!

  5. Probably want to add: Swamp tour on one of those fan-boat things (since everyone thinks we ride those to work everyday and say things like “Mon-a-mi”).

    And regarding the last item of previous suggestions: I also fail to understand the Mardi Gras economic principle that 20-cent beads are worth your self respect.

  6. you let me know when you’re ready & I am so on board to eat beignets & Central Grocery Muffs. Also throw in the haunted tour! come to my house & we can ride the streetcar from here! I’m not sure RAD is as good as 10-4

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