Get Meaningful Fridays #2

  • nice people on the subway
  • going into bookstores when I have no time restriction as to how long I can stay
  • seeing two of my former players play against each other in pro ball, which included the first professional win on the mound for one of them
  • hanging out with the aforementioned pitcher’s family during the game–super nice people!
  • Stouffers lasagna
  • my Aunt Maggie pillows

2 comments on “Get Meaningful Fridays #2

  1. Those Aunt Maggie pillows are nothing more than bags of sand, in my opinion. I cannot understand why, in God’s name, you like them!!!!

  2. They conform to my head and because one regular pillow isn’t enough for me, but two is too tall. But one Aunt Maggie pillow works in harmony with one regular pillow and my neck appreciates that.

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