Get Meainngful Monday - A Saturday Edition

Get Meaningful Monday

I have worked every day in August so far, so it goes without saying that I haven’t had time to post. And honestly, on Monday, there didn’t seem to be any obvious points worth posting for this series and I was not in the mood to be creative. But then the week went by and I had the following:

  • A client at one of my events happened to bring up cell phone service at the winery and I explained that my battery would inevitably be drained looking for service before the end of my day, so I brought my charger to and from work with me. The next day, he and his wife returned to the winery and brought back a spare battery and charger so I could flip out the batteries and always have one charging at work, at the ready. So darn thoughtful.
  • I received a copy of the most gracious thank-you letter that was sent to my boss from another client following his event. I showed my mom. She cried. That’s how nice it was.
  • I returned to my desk yesterday to see a package on my desk. I opened it and saw this:
    So sweet of my friend Kate (who blog readers may remember I met on my trip to the Colorado Rockies game in May). There was actually another pair she sent but they happened to match my outfit yesterday so I wore them and they are on my dresser. These bad boys pictured are part of my attire for my event tonight! So very thoughtful!

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  1. Dude. It was so nice that to post it here would feel weird. 🙂 It was the nicest, gushy-est letter ever. I will email it to you.

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