Our new digs, Bordeaux edition

I suppose it’s pretty well established that I’m loving Bordeaux. Well, Talence and Bordeaux. I’ve been to the city a few times, as it’s only a short tram ride away, and I am loving exploring my new city. My friend Jennifer whom I met at my bloggers luncheon back in October lives in another area that neighbors Bordeaux and is also on my same tram line, coincidentally. She was kind enough to show me around Bordeaux (the city, that is) last week and we enjoyed a lovely lunch (where we learned that caviar d’avocat is what we know as guacamole! This was a good find, people.

I had taken my good* camera out with me that day, but I still need to get back in better practice so those pictures will be coming shortly. In the meantime, check out our apartment! I’m loving it. And not that I’ll be using it in the BDX humid weather, but I have an oven, people. It holds temperature to whatever I set it and it has a broiler….sigh. It’s practically luxurious. And our hosts were kind enough to leave us a bottle of wine to enjoy while here. So nice!!

Photos courtesy of the Airbnb listing. Kudos to our hosts/landlords for taking the time to stage the house for the photo session.

I wish Dave’s program was flip-flopped and we had nine months here and one in Montpellier, rather than the other way around. Oh well.

In other news, I’m off to continue my adventures in teaching myself Italian. I will need it about a month from now!

*my Canon dSLR finally arrived from the States (where I had left it at Christmas time) a few days before we left Montpellier. After, of course, a stint in Customs—big sigh of relief that I have it back now and before we got to Bordeaux. I don’t know what I would have done had they released it to our Montpellier address after we’d left.

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  1. Well. Isn’t the apartment absolutely LOVELY…you landed on your feet!!! Good for you. I LOVE seeing pics of where you live…

    So happy you are enjoying Bordeaux and using the trams. Near Quinconces there is a massive antique and plant and food market that I think is open most days, like permanent!! And what a beautiful time to be in Bordeaux. Do hang out in the gardens fronting the Garonne!!! Great reading & people watching spot!!!

    • Thanks Kassandra! I have seen the garden area overlooking the Garonne and it is beautiful! I will probably be spending some time there for sure! And thanks for the tips on the markets. I have yet to visit there but definitely will now. More pics coming soon!

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