Ansel Adams I am not

I have been busy working away for some new clients this week (!!) so I haven’t had a chance to comb over some of my latest attempts at photography, but over the weekend, Dave and I went exploring and I snapped some photos of our town. Ultimately, we ended up in Bordeaux, where I subjected Dave to my whim of trying night photography, but here are a few shots of Talence in the evening.

I laugh every time I see this sign. It’s literally around the corner from my house and it’s definitely where I would go if my carriage needed repairs.
The church that never seems to chime the proper time
The church
Around the corner from our place; roundabouts are huge in Europe

2 comments on “Ansel Adams I am not

  1. But doesn’t Bordeaux make you want to BE Ansel Adams??? Except in color. Thanks for the pictures. Makes me a little “homesick” because of my love for Bordeaux. I will always go back, it is my new home in Europe. The best place. IMHO.

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