Gimme all the rain

Fair warning, this post is entirely mundane

raindrops It rained yesterday (for about a millisecond) and it is currently misting and gray and I love it.

We have had nothing but sunshine and 80+ degree days for the longest time and I have to admit: I’m over it. It’s a terrible thing to say; to complain about sunshine and what one would typically consider glorious weather, but I miss seasons. I didn’t grow up with distinct seasons like a New Englander or anything, but a little change would do me right, right about now. I’m usually a warm-weather person, but even this is a bit much for me.

Sadly, the weather is supposed to heat back up later this week (hello 80+ again) but I haven’t gotten a chance to do all of my “fall” things that I want to do. Like bake. Or scrapbook (rainy days are ideal for this). Or wear a sweater…and not flip flops (though currently, that’s about all my pregnancy feet fit into).

On Instagram, everyone is posting about their PSL (blech), their Hunter rain boots and chunky knit sweaters. Meanwhile, I’m over here, line-drying the bathing suit I just crammed into for a heat-relief trip to the pool and rotating my two sleeveless maternity tops with pairs of shorts.


I’m ready to see some changing leaves and feel crisp air. I’m ready to not need my air conditioner anymore (both in the car or the house). I’m ready for chilly-weather foods, like soups and casseroles.

I’m over you, cold salads for dinner, you hear me!?

Is anyone else with me??

2 comments on “Gimme all the rain

  1. I’m so right there with you! Fall is my favorite season. In L.A. we’ve been having 90+ and 100+ days, it’s kinda annoying. I have all my scarves packed away in a box with no hope of getting them out soon

    • I do love fall, too. It really is annoying we can’t fully enjoy it! I’m glad I’m not alone. There is something about going to a pumpkin patch in 90-degree heat that just isn’t very fulfilling. Let’s hope fall shows up soon so we can actually enjoy it!

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