Cooking My Way Through Italy – Emilia Romagna

Turkey Bolognese Sauce

Since Italy has such a wide range of cuisines, varying by region, I’ve decided that cooking my way through the country is the best way to discover them all. This week, I’m bringing Emilia Romagna to my kitchen. For a look at some of the other regions I’ve explored, read more in the series. Emilia […]

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Celebrating Friuli

Friuli-DOC 2014

This weekend was Friuli DOC, la più grande rassegna enogastronomica regionale, or, “the largest food and wine festival in the region” and we’d been looking forward to this since we’d heard about it months ago. We didn’t, however, have any idea it would be as large as it was! Shame on us for underestimating! Each […]

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