August 2015: Life Moments

Natali Nuptials

August 2015 was a biggin’ for life moments, man. August was bookended by a wedding (ours, to be precise) and a new apartment lease (also ours), with a whole bunch of parties in between. My family celebrated births, graduations, more births, and I did tap dances when I launched a few more websites. It was […]

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Getting Our Garden On


One of my favorite things about living abroad was the visiting the farmers’ markets for fresh, garden-grown fruits and veggies (and baguettes, and cheese and the list goes on…). The French were especially strong in this area, with markets in each neighborhood on practically every day of the week. I’d walk to each one, but […]

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Life, Lately


I admit, I’ve ignored this poor blog of mine. What with the moving countries and states…I didn’t keep up. I used to blog with some semblance of frequency. Then it was maybe once a week, then once a month…That said, I’m more active on Instagram in case anyone is curious as to the latest. It […]

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Running Victory Formation


In (American) football, victory formation is used when the quarterback takes the snap and immediately kneels to the ground, ending the play on contact. Typically, it’s run when a team is winning and just needs the clock to run down, in order to preserve the win. After almost 26 months (!!) we are running victory […]

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A few thoughts on goals

Don't Rush

We leave Europe one month from tomorrow. The end of our living here is near. So near that I somehow managed to lose a week and thought this week was the last of October. It is not (thank goodness) because I’m not ready. I mean, I am ready. Very ready…to see my family (I had […]

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We interrupt this regularly-scheduled blog post to bring you good news! I gained a sister last weekend! Congrats to my brother, Joe and his bride (and my new sister-in-law), Heather on their wedding! ♥

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